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Monday, December 20, 2010

No Boards For CBSE Students - Finally CBSE Students will Graduate Without Sitting for Board Exams

Finally, the students appearing for the class x CBSE exams can heave a sigh of relief. There will be no stress on appearing for the much feared board exams for the students in the coming year. Earlier there was much confusion for the class Xth student over whether to sit for the CBSE board exams or opt out of it, as the option was provided. But it was not clear whether their decision either ways would have any negative effect on their academic course later in life. It has now been clarified that "whether they choose to sit for the board exams or not, the marksheets that will be issued to them will be the same. In other words, they will look identical, and one will be hardpressed to figure out who appeared for the CBSE board exam, and who opted out. The bottom line is that on paper it will make little difference whether or not you decide to appear for the board exams in the coming year."

It is for the first time that over 5L CBSE students will graduate next year without sitting for the board exams. The exams are now optional, a first of its kind in the country. A student can opt out from the boards and answer an internal exam instead without any consequences as the marksheet for both the exams will be the same. Many students have already chosen not to sit for the boards this year and the numbers are increasing. By taking this step, CBSE aims to reduce the stress levels among the students appearing for the Xth class examinations.

How will it work?

In both the cases, 60% of the assessment will be carried out by the school that involves project work, sports, class participation, etc during the school curriculum. The remaining 40% is the written examination that will be set by the CBSE board. Now, the students who opt to sit for the board exams will have their papers corrected by the external examiners. For those who don't opt for the boards, the papers will be corrected by the school itself. 

The principals of all the schools insist and assure all the apprehensive parents that there will be no bias in the results of the students in either event. Whether they choose to appear for the boards or not, their mark sheet will remain the same and the marks will be equally effective in their admission to junior colleges. To make sure the results are not biased, the answer paper will be re-assessed by a second examiner.

Given below are some questions and answers provided by the news report to ease your mind:

Q. If you opt out of the CBSE Class X board exam, will the marksheet reflect your choice?

A: No.The internal school assessment marksheet will be identical to that issued to a student who sat for the board exam

Q. If you opt out of the CBSE board exam,will you get your results at the same time as someone who sits for it?

A: Yes

Q. Who will assess the exam papers?

A: For those who appear for the board exam,60% of the assessment will be done by the school and 40% by external examiners.

For those who opt out of the board exam,the entire assessment will be undertaken by the school.

Q. Who sets the exam papers?

A: The board will set the papers for both students who appear for the board exams as well as those who dont.In both cases,this will account for 40% of the total assessment.

Q. If you choose to not sit for the board exam,will the marksheet that you receive be adequate while applying to another board?

A: Yes.You can apply to a junior college in Mumbai on the basis of your marks even if you do not sit for the board exam. 

Q. If you are a Class X student at a particular CBSE school,are you guaranteed a seat in Class XI in the same school?

A. Yes (irrespective of whether or not you appear for the board exam)

Q. Are all CBSE schools in the country giving students the option of dropping the Class X board exam?

A. Only CBSE schools that run till Class XII are giving students the option of dropping out of the board exam.

Q. When is the last day to finalize your decision?

A:  December 15, 2010.

Well, the last date to make your decision has flown past, so either way, whether you are sitting for the boards or not, it doesn't matter. So, just relax, and study for the exams like any other exam, without any stress. That's the whole idea. 

While this piece of news may come as a good news for some, most may still be skeptical about the results and the consequences, either way. Whether this system will really work, only time will tell. For example, "Jyotsna Wankhade whose son will be appearing for the board exam says: In Mumbai,  there are many issues and prejudices when it comes to students from other boards.We dont want to give the government another reason to not accept our sons application."

The Xth class board exam may have become optional, but the students will still have to sit for the XIIth board examinations.

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