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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Government Monitoring of Email

This is just in. The government is seriously considering asking Google to help it in monitoring the email. Google India has adopted the no comment policy so far, but they are not denying receiving such a proposal from the government.

If you are wondering what it is, I would say, Gross invasion of privacy!! That's what it is. How low can a Government stoop? Stoop, as in accepting their total incompetence in governing without invading the private space of citizens. Stoop, as in displaying total ignorance about the dynamics driving the situation in the country. Stoop, as in being totally clueless about the technology.

They say it is for terrorism. Frankly, and this is what I totally believe, they might as well plead with the terrorists to register with the government before starting any of their activities. It works like this, if the terrorist are using email they will have enough knowledge about redirecting emails so as to make it difficult for the agencies to track them, at least delay them sufficiently to succeed in their nefarious activities. And if they don't use email, hell! it does not matter. So what purpose are the politicos and the bureaucrats achieving by passing such a resolution, other than harassing people and maybe finding fall guys to cover up the real culprits.

Here is a proposal. If we really want to gain from all this monitoring business and since the effort is being made I recommend that the emails and the phone conversations of all the politicians, babus, judges and lawyers be monitored so as to put a total end to corruption, lobbying and horse trading, witch hunting etc. Then we wouldn't have to interrogate the Radias, Rajus and Mehtas of India long after the damage is done.

In any case, if the law is being proposed shouldn't the leaders and government officials lead by example to present their emails and telephonic conversations for public and media scrutiny. In that case sure, pass the law, resolution or whatever else you can call it, others will follow, because we, the people of India, have nothing to hide.

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