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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mumbai Blasts - 13 Jul 11

13 Jul 2011- Three blasts have rocked Mumbai today at around 1900 hours. The locations were all in South Mumbai. Opera House, Zaveri Bazaar and Dadar. Locations close to each other. According to news sources the death toll is 8..10..13 and counting. They never do give the right number, as if raising the head count slowly over a period of time benefits them.

According to news sources, again, the ministry has declared that the bomb blasts were a planned and a terrorist activity. What other kind of activity comprises of bomb blasts? According to the news channels, again, the Chief Minister said that they were better prepared this time than the Mumbai attacks a couple of years back. I don't see the difference, they were caught unawares that time and likewise this time around. How were they better prepared?

Barkha Dutt says that Mumbai Police sent out messages to all the cell phones in Mumbai asking them to stay indoors and watch the TV News. I did not get the message and what makes the Police think that offices have TVs installed? And my service provider is the state owned MTNL. If I did not get the message, chances are, the users of private mobile operators also did not get the message. Proves that the media is colluding with the government again, just like the 2G scam.......

The people staying in Mumbai know what these three areas, where the blasts took place, are like in the evening. With only 13 reported dead, someone knew how to place the bombs to minimize damage. An amateur, budding, in his diapers, terrorist would have known how to cause more damage if that was the intention. Reminds one of the WTC attacks in US, when one hour later would have resulted in much larger casualties. And that was a conspiracy.

The question which goes a-begging is, what is the Government, state or central, trying to divert attention from this time around. Terrorist attack! It is becoming a habit with the politicians to resort to use of bomb attacks for diverting attention from the issues of importance and somehow the esteemed members of our media, the apparent torch-bearers of democracy, almost, always comply.

God bless the soul of people who have died and give strength to their family members to cope with the loss. Something which I can only term as collateral damage of governmental survival.

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