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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Did The Movie Chak De India have an Impact on the fate of Hockey?

The Movie Chak De India is not making any difference to the fate of the game 'Hockey' in India as was anticipated, according to a recent news report/article in the Times of India newspaper. It has alleged that the people are only promoting themselves and the movie for selfish reasons and not for the love of the sports and has nothing, whatsoever to do with the revival of Hockey!

I disagree with this article/news report! The fact that the people concerned with this movie project even thought about this topic and decided to go ahead with it, specially in a country where people do not think beyond "Cricket" and more than that, it had the guts to not only focus on a dead sport but, focus on a "woman's hockey" team, goes to prove the good intentions behind the Movie.

Besides this, the movie also focussed, rightly so, on the spirit and jest and energy and the right amount of patriotism required to win a game. It reminded people what team spirit is all about, and that a game can be won only if the team is united in its goal! This comes at the right moment in our country where people had forgotten how to think beyond themselves and their personal glory to win matches!

Todays newspaper features an interview with the coach "Mir Ranjan Negi" who personally trained the girls to play their role realistically in the movie. In the interview he has stated that the movie has indeed made a difference to his life and the attitude of people with regards to the game of Hockey. There are young girls now calling him to ask if they could start playing hockey. This is indeed a positive step and shows that the movie did have a positive impact on the people and also potrayed Hockey as an interesting sport.
After all, a movie is made to inspire people and motivate them to a certain level! They cannot, go and put hockey sticks into everybody's hands and force them to play the sport!

According to me, the movie has done enough justice to the topic and the game of Hockey. It has potrayed the game and the need of the hour, Team spirit, in the right manner! What more inspiration could you need?

It was also reported that a TV serial (Left, right, left) now, following in the footsteps of Chak De India, is shooting an episode entirely on Hockey and will feature the local state women's hockey team in it.

This is a sure indication that the interest in the game of Hockey is definitely getting revived. And also goes to prove that the media can indeed play a very big & important role in inspiring and motivating people in the right manner. Kudos to ShahRukh Khan, and the entire team of Chak De India.

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