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Monday, September 10, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens - Antithesis of woman

Someone once said and it is widely believed to be true in this women opressed world, 'The biggest enemy of a woman is another woman'.

All over, women belonging to various religions, casts, professions are fighting to survive in this male dominated world. It's a daily chore for them, trying to prove themselves and for what? It is to gain that respect which has eluded them for centuries.

It is one step forward and two back for them. The male chauvinists want and keep pushing them back to where they think women belong and what they are, mere sex objects. And women like Vanessa Hudgens are abetting with them to help them achieve their aim. It is because of women like Vanessa Hudgens that women all over the world will not be respected by men other than their own fathers, sons and brothers.
Do such women not have any self respect and dignity? Trying out such a sick stunt for their fifteen minutes of fame. Why do they try to hide behind the excuse that it was leaked. Because they do not want to lose their dignity. Poor miss innocent! She has been maligned and her trust broken. Maybe women like her do get away with it, but the damage they do to the gender of the species is irrepairable. She will retire respectably to her secure mansion away from the glaring eyes and millions of women will continue facing the harassment in their daily lives. Vanessa Hudgens and the likes couldn't have done more disservice to womanhood.
Does it stop after that? No i don't think so. There will be many more like Vanessa Hudgens who will be at this very moment asking their boyfriends to take their photographs in the nude so that they can claim their fifteen minutes of fame and glory when the time comes.
The fight for the women of this world will continue and one day they will succeed because for every Vanessa Hudgens there are many women of integrity, self respect and honour who still have the urge to live in a better world. Their indomitable spirit, never say die attitude and faith in themselves will see them through.
The Vanessa Hudgens of the world are not going to stop them. Bring on the next one!

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