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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Should Students be allowed to Carry Mobile Phones in Campus?

Should Students be allowed to Carry Mobile Phones in Campus?

This is the current debate going on in India. The School authorities are very much against the use of these devices within the campus and are of the opinion that children should not be encouraged to bring their cell phones to school! Schools in Karnataka have banned the use of mobile phones and confiscate any phone that they find on students! Some parents, on the other hand, are anxious about this new ruling for the simple reason that they are not able to keep tabs on their children!

It has become a rage among students to carry their cell phones to school. The debate here is whether these phones are safe or may prove to be harmful to their health in the long run! There have been various studies on this aspect, and there is as yet no conclusive proof of any sort!

This is a ridiculous debate, according to me! I personally feel that there should be no doubt that any such devices should not be allowed on school campuses,(students below 18yrs of age).It is a known fact that mobile phones can be very addictive, and students get distracted easily with these kind of gizmos. Today, the electronic world is filled with a variety of such gizmos and the students are only interested in the kind of gizmo that they have! There will be a competition among each one to see who has the latest one and with how many features in it! To add to it, These gizmos also have games in it that are equally addictive, especially for kids who really have nothing much else on their minds or lives to do!

Then comes the fact that most of the mobile phones now come along with the camera feature, whether you actually want it or not, you are forced to get one simply because all the good models with the basic features will have a camera in it too! This as we have all witnessed several times is again a dangerous tool in the hands of students who are of the tender age of 13-16yrs, and whose hormones are going berserk! this will only lead to mishieve! How can you curb this?

Therefore, there are several reasons why a student below 18 years should not be allowed to carry a mobile phone within the campus at any rate! It doesn't matter if the school is Private or Public, the rules should be same for all!

Cell Phones are harmful to the Students! Does anybody else feel any different? Other than the mobile phone companies who are trying to target this very "gullible" segment of society for their personal benefits and are not really bothered about the health or effects of the device on the kids!


Anonymous said...

There have been actual cases where students have used cell phones to call in bomb threats and save the school

Anonymous said...

It brings families together - Families don’t seem to have much time to spend together anymore. With overtime and after-school activities, having the ability to communicate with any one of your family member helps bringing families together.

Anonymous said...

There have been many cases where the good phones have been stolen by people who are jealous.

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