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Monday, November 26, 2012

Gangnam Style - Most Watched Video Ever on YouTube

The Korean pop star PSY's "Gangnam Style" has become a viral hit video on You Tube and is now officially the "Most Watched" video ever on You Tube. The video has now crossed the 820 million views, which is approximately 9.8 million more than Justin Bieber's 2010 Hit song "Baby". The tune of this song is insanely catchy, making it no wonder that the song has hit a chord with the masses..young and old alike. The Gangnam Style video has managed to achieve this very impressive feat in a matter of just a few months as it was uploaded only on 15th July 2012 and went viral instantly. This video is projected to hit the 1 billion view mark by 16th December 2012 according to ChannelMeter.

PSY Gangnam Style

Apparently PSY hinted in an interview earlier this year that there may be a collaboration between him and Justin Bieber in the near future, as they do share the same manager after all. So one can hope for some more hit viral videos in the future. In case you are one of those who didn't get time to listen or watch this video, you can do so right here:

Watch Video - PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (original video):


 Recorded as the Second Most Watched Video - Justin Bieber's Hit Video "Baby" - Watch Video 

Third Most Watched Video:  Jennifer Lopez - "On The Floor" - Watch Video

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