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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Do Students Make a School Good, Or Does a Good School Make Good Students?

Do Students Make a School Good, Or Does a Good School Make Good Students? I was forced to think about this as I went about searching for a "good" school for my son, as my husband is taking retirement from his current government job and moving into the private job sector. This move, on the part of my husband will require us all to move to another part of the town in order to settle down to a new way of life.

We went scouting around the new place for a "good" enough School where we could seek admission for our son. So far, his primary education has been in the Central School (Kendriya Vidyalaya) that follows a CBSE syllabus and my husband wasn't particularly very happy about the way the teachers would handle the students and the subjects, not to speak of the discipline, which didn't seem to exist at all. Not that my son is a "duffer". No, he is, on the contrary quite an intelligent boy, who can grasp things very fast. The only drawback he seemed to face was that he needs special attention and to be pushed to show his true potential in any activity.

Anyway, so our quest for a "good" school that will be worthy enough, began. Now, I have heard of plenty of, so called "good schools", the likes of Delhi Public school, DAV Public School, Bombay Scottish, etc. etc...The list is endless. There are also many international schools around that boast of being real good schools.

Now, my question is, what is a "good school"? Does a "good School" really make a student worthy and good or is it vice versa? Will it really matter, which school I get admission for my son? I try to remember some students (celebrities) that made their school proud, and I couldn't come up with a single name. Did Sachin Tendulkar become a great batsman because of his school, or was it because of his own genius? Would it have made any difference if he had studied in any other school? I wonder.

I truly believe that if a student has any potential at all then it doesn't really matter which school he goes to. A student can perform well anywhere and will make his school proud, whether the school was good or not is immaterial. Recently, I saw that a student from a relatively lesser known school had won the Spelling Bee Championship. Obviously, he has made the school proud and has proved it to be a "good" enough school. So I guess I really need not bother about which school he goes to, as long as it is decent enough and has the basic facilities for proper growth and development of a child, and provides equal opportunities to all students to excel in any field that they choose.

What do you feel?

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