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Friday, December 25, 2009

When Will We Ask The Women?

Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha, Mahavira, Gobind Singh? Enough proof that mythology was written or created by man?

It goes against human as well as divine nature that God, irrespective of his sex would give the honor of reproduction to a different sex, unless of course he/she was aware of the pain associated with the process of reproduction. Pain could not have been a reason for handing over the procreation part to women because God in our own eyes is strong and would not have bothered about the same sex not being able to handle it. God is also just and fair and therefore would not have put the burden of childbirth as well as rearing the children on the women just because it was inconvenient.

God was also very certain of the idea of putting the life cycle in a continuum and hence would have thought about it nicely and properly before he/she put it in motion and would have certainly thought about the capability of the two sexes to handle pressure and the pain associated with the process of procreation. Therefore logic has it that God must be a woman since she knew what she was capable of and also trusted her kind to take her idea forward.

How can one call God just and fair if he/she, till now has not chosen a woman to create a religion, (No, Madonna and Kabala do not qualify). All the religions have their genesis in men. That, all of them are seriously messed up, is a different matter altogether. Essentially what the men have done is nothing, but preached from their perched up lives all the time. Lazy bums, I would call them. Forever in conflict with the women and trying to suppress and subjugate them. None of our spiritual leaders or Gods, shall I say, ever respected the women enough or treated them at par with the men. How could they have been so partial to another human being? I guess the answer lies in the fact that they always knew who was better and tried their best to establish superiority by slander and fifth column. I can only presume that men have created all the religions and the idea essentially was to lay down guidelines for the women to follow. It so happened that it would have looked so churlish that the men who were creating religions also said some cock and bull about other aspects of human life, which I must say are totally open to debate. In any case no one is talking about the other aspects of religion, mostly it is about how women should behave.

All of us who have been associated with women (except a few unfortunate ones) do realize that women are much more spiritual beings and understand life much more than men do.

Ask a man a question and you will get a politically correct, to the point, extremely relevant and practical answer. Ask a woman the same question and you will get the entire perspective behind not only the question but also the situation that prompted you to ask the question in the first place.

How many women has one heard of leaving for the Himalayas to seek Niravana and answers to the questions life has thrown at them? Men do it constantly. And in most cases it is only after they have saddled the wives with a multitude of kids to look after. Is it not an escapist attitude? Women on the other hand handle all aspects of their existence with grace and dignity and still manage to have the maturity to look after and care for their husband after return with another failure up at the Himalayas, equally confused and lost about the meaning of life.

Most women never try to achieve Nirvana. I have never heard of one. Is it because they are already there? They experience it constantly through birth, childhood, love, marriage, childbirth and then death. They do not need to seek it. That is why I think God was a woman and the men are unfortunate, despite the ones that tried to give manhood glory, that we will always be seeking the meaning of life and never finding it.

It is high time that we asked the women to come front and take part in this madness and deliver us. We have given enough chances to the men to set things right, to get the meaning of life. When will we ask the women?


MJ Dakota said...

Interesting perspective Taprial.

taps said...

Thanks MJ. Women always take a backseat because of various reasons. A few who try to do something are generally dissuaded by men. Seems to be a larger conspiracy. Thanks for the comment once again.

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