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Monday, December 21, 2009

Tiger Woods - 18 Till I Die

The long list of Tiger Woods' exploits has reached 18. One for each hole, maybe it was some kind of a target he had set for himself. Being a Golfer would have automatically brought the number 18 to his mind for setting a target. What remains to be seen is if he goes beyond that magic figure.

1. Rachel Uchitel
2. Reality star Jamie Grubbs.
3. Single mum and ex model Cori Rist.
4. Brunette Kalika Moquin, Vegas hostess.
5. MGM party favourite Jamie Jungers.
6. Diner waitress Mindy Lawton.
7. Former VIP cocktail waitress Julie Postle
8. Sexy married British TV presenter who was single at the time.
9. Blonde former cocktail waitress from Orlando, now also represented by lawyer.
10. Porn starlet Holly Sampson, who bedded him at his birthday party.
11. Blonde "cougar" Theresa Rogers, 49, now represented by lawyer Gloria Allred.
12. Ex Playboy cybergirl and Hawaiian Tropic model Loredana Jolie.
13. XXX porn star Joselyn James, whose family confirm their fling.
14. Movie star Jessica Simpson named by US magazine as a close "sextexter" of Tiger.
15. Twenty-something Atlanta party planner.
16. Sexy Illinois student who loves partying in Vegas.
17. Blonde party planner from Orlando, who had links to the UK.
18. Single mum San Diego dancer called Star.

So is Tiger singing "18 Till I die" to his wife Erin convincing her that he would be faithful now and the number would not exceed 18. Fat chance of that. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Frankly his wife has no reason to either trust him or continuing to stay with him. Again why would Tiger Woods himself be interested in staying with her, now that the cat is out of the bag. When everyone knows about it and with his wife never going trust him again why would he not like to be free and independent. Maybe even renew his contacts with all the 18.

If any of them or both decide to stay together, it will mostly be because of media pressure. Erin deciding to put up a brave and mature face, la Hillary Clinton and Tiger to prove that he is not a bad man after all and is repentant. In either case it will be a facade since both know exactly what the other person thinks of him/her.

The loss to Golf will be immense if Tiger gives it all up for a woman. So will be the loss to so many more women, Tiger must be thinking.

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