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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Mother's instincts

I used to wonder what it would be like to be a mother. The big moment for me arrived one beautiful day in the month of July. I was in labor, in the hospital, and taken to the operating room for the caesarian section where I heard the first cry of my son in a state of semi consciousness.
Thereafter, began my tryst with motherhood and its travails. I had lots of visitors and well wishers to congratulate me on my newly acquired status and along with the inevitable “advice”! All had something or the other to say and this continues even till today, when he is almost nine years old.
“Don’t cover him with all these clothes, he’ll feel hot!”…….. Was the sagely advice given by some, and “cover him tightly, or he’ll feel cold?”…… yet another person’s tip. Do this and don’t do this or do that but don’t do this were some very confusing tips and advice given! It was all so very confusing!
I wondered what to do. And then I did the only sensible thing that every parent should do, listened to my instincts! And I found that I was able to understand what my child wanted. I could feel his hunger, pain, discomfort, joy, heat or cold etc…. it was all very simple really! Just listen to your inner voice, and connect with your child. A mother’s instinct is always right!!! This is the advice I would give to all the new mothers out there, listen to advice given by others but most of all, LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCT. Go with your instinct……….. And don’t be afraid. ALL THE BEST!

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Ahuh said...

This month we celebrate the mothers day!!!!!

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