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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Greatest Hits - Download MP3 Songs and Albums

Everybody knew Michael Jackson as the greatest Pop star, The King Of Pop, in the music world. His music was an instant craze with all the public. He became famous for his dance moves that drove the youth into a frenzy to try and imitate his unique style of break dancing. His Moonwalk was something that not anybody could replicate with ease.

Michael Jackson sang songs that hit a chord with the masses and he had a huge fan following, from kids to adults and the youth. His music was played in most parties as the latest dance tracks to groove to.

Everybody loved Michael Jackson in spite of his freaky appearance and crazy behavior. It was sad to hear about all the rumors and other bad things that he had supposedly done in his life. He disappeared from the spotlight after the media started hounding him. He turned from Black to White...But his true fans still love him for his songs and music and dance and will love him forever. He will remain in their heart forever...Black or White!

It is indeed a sorrow to have lost one of a greatest legends of Pop music. Read all about his death in this news report:

Watch Michael Jackson Dead At Age 50 (June 25th, 2009)You tube Video: R.I.P. Michael Jackson, King of Pop!

For all his fans...Here is a compilation of some of his greatest hits. You can download his MP3 songs and Albums from here:

Michael Jackson Greatest Hits

The Ultimate Michael Jackson Golden Music Albums and Songs Collection

Michael Jackson Greatest Hits - MP3 Clips.

The Shopping Arcade
For more music collection.

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