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Friday, March 7, 2008

Weird And Crazy Inventions

Man has been inventing lots of things to make his life more comfortable. While most of the inventions proved to be productive and useful over the ages, some of them turned out to be extraordinary. These were the weird and somewhat crazy inventions dreamed up by inventors over the years that were never to be seen.
· 1896 – A self-raising hat for the polite gentleman who has his arms full.
· 1879 – A parachute fire escape was made of a parachute attached to a helmet and padded shoes that would allow a person to leap out of a building on fire and land safely. (Provided he didn’t break his neck first)
· 1903 – A spectacle for the chickens so as to protect their eyes from being pecked by other fowls.
· 1904 – An Englishman made a springboard that would make an elephant turn a somersault. It was called the Elephant Springboard. The only problem that he couldn’t solve was the animal’s heavy landing.
· 1951 – An automatic haircutter.
· 1994 – Spider Ladder. A crazy invention thought of by a British inventor who wanted to help spiders to climb out of a bath!
· 1998 – A motorized ice cream cone, which would rotate against the tongue.

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