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Monday, July 20, 2009

Download Devotional Music, Bhajans, Jai Ganesh Aarti, Songs, Audio and MP3 Online

The month of August brings with it all the festivities that will continue on till the end of the year bringing on the New Year. 5th August 2009 will be celebrated as Rakshabandhan or Rakhi, a Hindu Festival sanctifying the relationship between brothers and sisters, wherein the sister ties a thread (Rakhi) on the brother's wrist. The Brother then Gifts his sister, something as a token appreciation and a vow to protect her for life.

India is a country with mixed cultures and so the festivals of all other religions is also celebrated with equal fervor and enthusiasm. 2nd August will be celebrated as friendship day all over. Great day to send greetings, wishes, sms messages, or tie the friendship band to your best friends. Followed by Janmashtami on the 14th to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Our Independence day is celebrated on the 15th August soon followed by Jamshedi Noruz (Zoroastrian New Year) on the 19th. The Muslims will begin their Ramadan on the 22nd of this month and finally the month culminates with the much awaited Lord Ganesha Chaturthi on the 23rd.

All these occasions demand a good collection of devotional songs that will be utilized from now onwards till the end of the year with the Durga Puja or Diwali celebrations and Christmas too for the Christians.

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