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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Killer instinct, Self – belief, Team spirit, unity, Dedication are some of the things that can bring success. This is brought out very clearly in the movie Chak De India.
It is this same single minded dedication that is required at this juncture in India to take it to the path of true progress, not only on the hockey field, or any sports ground but, in the global arena of all spheres of life!

In order to achieve this, each and every citizen of India needs to awaken, yet again, from its deep slumber and this false sense of freedom and security that we have since Independence Day. We may have got rid of the foreign rulers but they left behind the legacy and the mantra of their ruler ship that our politicians have been following very diligently, the mantra of “Divide and Rule”. They have surely and steadily broken down our country into small states, territories, religions, caste, etc.

We, the citizens of India need to break these shackles once and for all. We need to remind ourselves of the fact that we all belong to a great nation that is INDIA. We need to feel patriotic towards our country in our hearts and minds! If we only rewind time and see a few examples in the past of what we had and what we are capable of, then we can reassert that belief in ourselves and build an identity of our own, in our own image as INDIANS and not in the shadow of western or any other influences in our country!

“Jahan daal daal par sone ki,
Chidiya karti hai basera,
Who Bharat desh hai mera”

“Jahan satya ahimsa aur dharma ka,
pag pag lagta dera,
woh bharat desh hai mera, woh Bharat desh ahi mera”

And the song,

"Meri Desh ki dharti sona ugle,
ugle heere moti, meri desh ki dahrti"

This song, very truly brings out the truth about our Country! Maybe we need to teach this song to our children in schools from the primary level, so that they can grow up with this song in their hearts and minds. I know it for a fact because I was also taught these patriotic songs during my school days. But, my child does not know any of these songs, as they are not being taught or emphasized upon anymore.

After having said all this, I also wish to say that I do feel it in my heart that there is something happening. There is definitely a change brewing, a wind or a storm, only time will tell. But, people are stirring from their apathy and things are slowly taking a turn! Will this be the new revolution in INDIA? Are we creating history again, are we going to achieve our true independence? Are we ready to take things into our hands and change the destiny of INDIA yet again? I certainly think the time has come, and I believe that our youth will LEAD INDIA into the future as the true superpower and a country that would be respected in its own identity! This is my message to the youth -

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