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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

5 Tips to Survive the Fat Season

The holiday season brings with it enough reasons to eat, drink and make merry. This is especially true for occasions like Christmas and New Year, when all you want to do is have parties and eat a good amount of the ‘wrong’ foods. This added to the fact that there is hardly any exercise during this period only adds to the stress and fat in the body, which can be a deadly combination! But you can overcome these next few weeks with a few tough-minded guidelines without gaining weight. Here are 5 tips on how to survive the fat season effectively.

1. Don’t try to lose weight during this period; maintaining the same weight will be a great accomplishment.

2.Since you know that the holiday season is going to be tough, plan for it well in advance. Maybe exercising a little extra, a week before the holiday begins, will keep your metabolism ticking.

3. You need a good support system to eat properly. Weight loss is best done with the help of a support system, particularly during a stressful time. If you attempt to go it alone you will probably fail.

4. Holiday seasons involves being with the family and so you need to pay attention to emotional family issues, since any unresolved family issues will emerge and create strong emotions in you. These strong emotions cause overeating or eating the wrong kind of food, due to the feelings they generate in you. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to tackle all your family issues well in advance.

5. Last but not the least, inform family members that you are working hard to lose weight and that you want their cooperation. Ask them to provide alternative foods for you and to resist the urge to tempt you to eat fattening foods.

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