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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Career Launcher "Tycoons 2008" - Another Leadership Hunting Venture!

In yet another attempt to hunt for "great leaders" in Indian youth, a Mumbai based Jaago India Foundation has launched that aims to search for India's greatest business brain across 100 cities and 2000 colleges. It's promising to be a great career launcher for all the aspiring contestants. The venture is called "Tycoon 2008".

Following close on the footsteps of the "Lead India" campaign by Times Group, this venture also is a welcome step by the corporate sector towards developing great leadership in various sectors of business. This, as I had predicted earlier, will also inspire other such great corporate companies to come up with similar competitions and opportunities for the youth in India and provide a good career development.

The only thing that worries me though, is that like all other competitions being held these days with people required to "vote" through SMS'es, is a great dampener, as they all seem like only a money making scheme in the end, and I truly wonder whether the individual who wins in the end does really benefit anything from it all.

This venture promises the winner:
* an edu-pilgrimage to Harvard/INSEAD/IIM/Oxford
* Fully paid higher education scholarships
* Opportunity to interact with celebrity role models in the field of cinema, business, and sports.
* Laptops, cash and much more

For More information about this you can visit the official site:

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