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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Common Myths About Weight Training in Women

Weight training is beneficial for men and women alike. It helps not only to burn fat, but also protects against osteoporosis, improves posture, prevents age-related loss of muscle, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar control. Unfortunately, many women are scared away from doing weight training due to a number of highly misleading myths.

Myth 1: Weight Training Makes Women Look Like Men

Women automatically conjure up images of masculine-looking physiques and bulging muscles when they think of weight training! Quite obviously that is not a very attractive feminine trait to possess.
Now, women need to know and understand, that they are definitely not here to become a competitive bodybuilder. The truth is that most of the professional female bodybuilders are using anabolic steroids. And in order to produce the amount of muscles that healthy males do, you need to be able to produce high levels of testosterone, which is nearly impossible in women, in natural circumstances.
Most of the women want a body that looks firm, toned, shapely and healthy. Guess what? The best way to achieve this is by weight training. No other form of exercise can tone muscles so quickly.
The bottom line is that your body contours can be dictated by either fat or muscle. Which would you rather have?

Myth 2: Muscle Turns Into Fat When You Stop Weight Training

Let me tell you that you just cannot turn muscle into fat. They are two entirely different entities with totally different functions and physical structures. It just simply cannot be done!
But, unfortunately despite the utter absurdity of this myth, it just refuses to die.
So to answer your question, what would happen if you stop weight training? First of all, your muscles will gradually lose their attractive toned look. And depending on your dietary habits, you may also gain some fat due to the reduced calorie expenditure that occurs after you stop training.
So the only solution is to keep training and eating right! Remember that weight-training routine is a lifelong endeavor, not a quick fix. The benefits last only as long as you keep training.

Myth 3: Women Don't Need to Do Weights. They Get All the Benefits they need from Walking, Jogging or Aerobic Classes

Aerobic, walking and jogging are activities, which just cannot do what weight training, can. If you want to tone and strengthen muscles weight training is the way to go. Aerobics in fact can lead to loss of muscle tissue. Weight training not only strengthens the muscle but also leads to stronger bones. Aerobics also are not full body activities, concentrating mostly on the lower body.
This is not to say that you should not bother about aerobics, walking or jogging. Each form has it’s own advantage. However the best thing to do is to have a fitness program, which includes both cardio vascular as well as weight training activities.
Most women do not even think about weight training presuming it to be a male thing, without realizing that weight training is an important aspect of getting that perfect healthy body. So, women, don’t let go the benefits of weight training because of some presumptions, hit the gym now.

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