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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why Do Celebrities Like Madonna Visit The Slums In India?

We had yet another celebrity, the hot pop star singer, Madonna visiting India this month along with her husband. She made a very short trip to the metropolitan city, Mumbai, and then fled on to Rajasthan. So what do these celebrities do when they come to India? Well, they visit the slums!

Now I fail to understand the reason for this attraction that foreigners seem to have for the slums in our country! Of course, if the interest is for humanitarian reasons, like maybe trying to improve the living conditions, giving donations, building homes, adopting children or societies, and /or providing a trust fund or money donated for medicines or hospital charges etc, would be welcome.

But, nothing of this sort has been mentioned in the news reports of her visit to the slums. She just seemed to be doing what any other regular tourist in our country would do! She tasted our food in one of the small cafe's very politely with a small bite of this and that! She was not able to handle the dirt and pollution of this city and therefore fled to the more colorful state of Rajasthan.

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