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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Rupees One Lakh ( $ 2500 ) Car From Tata To Be Unveiled Thursday

The Rupees One Lakh ( $ 2500 ) Car From Tata To Be Unveiled Thursday

Thursday is the day that the Rupees One Lakh ( $ 2500 ) Car From Tata will Be Unveiled. There is a lot of interest generated because Tata has beaten a lots of other companies which have been trying to produce a $ 3000 car. The car is probably the best kept secret in the corporate world and has people guessing what is in store.

Even though the car will be showcased during the Auto Expo at Delhi starting on 10 Jan 2008, the production will only start end of this year.

Now let us consider the ramifications of this car. Ratan Tata says that he launched the project after seeing a family of three getting drenched in the monsoons while riding a scooter. He considered it very unsafe and dangerous. I am pretty certain that even though the Rupees One lakh car will save the people from getting drenched, a lot many safety features would have been removed or compromised, which will make the car equally dangerous.

Next consider the Indian roads and the great traffic sense of the populace. The present infrastructure does not allow even the present number of cars to travel with ease. Imagine the deluge of cars which will hit the country if and when this car comes out. Traffic will come to a standstill.

There are no parking spaces available in most cities. This car will only end up stretching the resources further. I still wonder how the government has even allowed this concept to be dreamt of under the circumstances.

It will be no mean achievement, Tata will make a lot of money but then God save the Indian commuter.

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