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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

US And Iran - Seconds From War Watch Just Relesed Video Evidence

The US Iran skirmishes are continuing. On Sunday the two countries were seconds from war and in fact almost went to war. The scene was five heavily armed Iranian gunboats manned by the Revolutionary Guard approached the three US Men of War in the Strait of Hormuz. When the gunboats were around 200 meters away from the ships the US ship intercepted a transmission saying, "I am coming at You. You will explode in two minutes".

The Captain of the US ship ordered battle stations knowing fully well that any shot fired from either side would result in a full fledged war. The battle of nerves continued for a few seconds till the Iranian gun boats turned away at the last minute.

The US calls it a provocation, a serious one at that. What the US ships were doing at the strait of Hormuz within the range of small gun boats is any body's guess.

Though the US has acknowledged the incident, there is no word from the Iranian side. I thought it is propaganda and the first steps taken by the US to launch a bloody invasion on Iran like it has with other countries in the past. However as i am writing this i came across the just released video evidence of the stand off. Watch the video here

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