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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Salman Khan - Accident Waiting To Happen

Some people never learn. Salman Khan for one and all the law makers for the other. The Mumbai Mirror reported, in a rather patronizing manner, that Salman Khan on Friday had five to six drinks of Vodka at Olive and after that drove an auto rickshaw with Katrina Kaif sitting behind. Read the article at

The article goes on to report that Salman has made a habit of it and has in the past driven around with Govinda and Willard Carroll. The way it was reported the reporter seemed more worried about Katrina Kaif's discomfort rather than the lives of innocent bystanders who Salman may have run into under influence of the Alcohol. Salman Khan in the past has run over people in a case of drunk driving. Despite that the man would not learn and so doesn't the media and the public and of course our law makers.

The point here is that Salman Khan was driving under the influence of liquor and he should be arrested based on this report before he kills someone, again, with his brash habits. Why is the Police not waking up? Why is the state government not taking away his license for repeated offenses of drunk driving? Why is the media still patronizing him for a behavior which is clearly against the law? Or is Salman Khan so confident that he can always get away, even after killing people, with his celebrity status. Someone, Please stop Him before he kills innocent people again.

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