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Friday, January 9, 2009

Sanjay Dutt - Right Man For Politics

There was a news item recently that Sanjay Dutt would be the candidate of the SP (Samajwadi Party) from Lucknow in the forthcoming elections. It is hardly surprising. The Political Parties in India are only interested in winning seats, they couldn't care less about the eligibility and the background of the person. Anything as long as the person can get in the votes. Considering that Sanjay Dutt is the right man for politics.

Sanjay Dutt, by Indian standards of Politicians is highly eligible for contesting elections.

He does not have any college degree to boast of.

He does not have any background in Politics.

He has been a drug addict in his younger years.

He has been convicted and sentenced to 6 years RI under the Arms act( Rigorous Imprisonment ) in the 1993 Mumbai Blasts case. Everyone knows that his acquittal under TADA was largely influenced by his sister Priya Dutt, MP of the congress party and her association with Sonia Gandhi.

What else does one need to become a politician in India.

The Samajwadi Party, despite knowing that under the Representation of the People Act, anyone sentenced to more than two years' imprisonment is barred from contesting elections till a court of law stays the conviction and sentence, has announced him to be their candidate. This could only mean that the Party, in cohorts with the Congress, is very sure that they would be able to get a stay on the conviction and sentence from the Supreme court.

This is just another example of the blatant disrespect our politicians and the political parties have for the laws of the land.

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