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Friday, April 17, 2009

If Mia Can Do It - So Can I!

If Mia Can Do It - So Can I! Well, that's what I thought to myself when I saw an advertisement that called for people to sign up for "western" dance classes! I know, I know - you will now ask me what has this got to do with Mia Northwest?

Well, those who are regular readers and fans of Mia's writings here on Xomba will remember very well that she had signed up for "bollywood" dance classes and was very enthusiastic about the whole thing. You see, so remembering that article, I thought to myself, if Mia can learn "bollywood" dance, then I am sure I will be able to manage "western" dance..It shouldn't be all that difficult!

It all happened simply because I was looking for a way to exercise effectively and yet enjoy the experience. One fine day, I spotted this advertisement that seemed the perfect cure for all my maladies! A great stress buster, a great way to exercise and in the process, I may learn a new skill too - To dance.

The ad promises that I will learn all forms of western dance, starting with Waltz, Jive, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Samba etc. Well, getting excited at the prospect of some great times ahead, I signed up for the classes which began in great earnest last weekend.

Hmm..I thoroughly enjoyed the first session and thankfully did not have all the pains and aches that Mia experienced (Can't compare this to "bollywood" dance and besides, it was just Waltz). Although, my feet did hurt a lot and I had to take rest to make them better. But, am looking forward to my next session eagerly.

Thanks Mia, for the inspiration! BTW, How's your dance progressing, that is if you are still at it?

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