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Friday, June 19, 2009

I Can Fly Like A Bird

I am soaring up to the sky. I suddenly feel so light. I can fly like a bird, but I don't need to flap my arms.

Oh, it feels great. I am passing tall buildings and can look down at the people who look like small ants to me. I am really flying. I find it hard to believe at first, but then the rush of air against my face and body confirms that I am indeed flying.

I feel a sense of freedom. I am free. I am exhilarated, thrilled and excited. Nothing can hold me. No chains. Nobody is pulling me down, not even gravity. I fly on, free as a bird, with no sense of boundaries. I can go where I want.

Suddenly a thought comes to mind as I pass a roof of another tall building. Should I stop and take a breather? What if I fall down suddenly. But, then I realize, I don't really need to. I feel very energetic. I am not at all tired. I could continue soaring this way forever. It feels awesome.

I am just beginning to enjoy myself and these incredible sensations of freedom, exhilaration, excitement and thrill when I feel a pull. I have to turn back. But where to, I protest. I feel like I am being sucked back.....resist, resist..!

I feel a sense of heaviness and then I see I am back in a room and being pulled towards a body that's lying on the bed. Nooooooo...

I wake up with a start. Was that a dream....?

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