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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Perfect Cure For Summer Time Blues - Try This!

Summer time blues? Why should anyone have blues during the summer is beyond my scope of understanding. Hey, come on now, isn't it the time of the year when everybody (and I mean everybody) is on vacations. Clear blue skies, perfect weather for some real cool and fun activities for the whole family, young and old.

So what if you haven't been able to muster enough money to book that perfect holiday to the Bahamas, Caribbean cruise, or even Hawaii? Hey, perk up guys, I know just the perfect activity to cure the summer blues away. All you need is a "backyard inflatable pool", and see what fun it can be. It won't cost you much either. You can get some cheap inflatable pools too.

Summer brings on the heat and makes people irritable and "hot" in no time. So the number one priority is to "cool" off everybody and the best way to do that is jump into a pool full of water. Yeah, throw away your clothes, put on some swimming trunks, suits whatever and just "jump" into your inflatable pool which you install just anywhere you like, indoors or outdoors right in your backyard. That is what I used to do with my son when he was a toddler. He would love splashing around in the pool. Kids go absolutely berserk when there is a pool to play in. Here is something that is lots of fun, building a homemade outrageous water slide which took seven days to construct, maybe you should try it. Take a look at this video:

Now, isn't that fun? I am sure Abmox would simply love doing this. All the neighbors would envy you having so much fun in your backyard, specially if it was a "purple alien" jumping into a pool and splashing away! But, I must warn you to be careful and do this only under "Adult supervision" as it has been reported that some of these "rogue pools" can even "attack" you. Here is the evidence, take a look:

What if you don't have a "backyard"? Well, that's a very valid question, as most people living in the city do so in flats and space is generally a very "luxurious" commodity to have there as is so much water to be able to fill a pool! So, not to worry or fret, just go to the nearest community "swimming pool" and I am sure you can have just the same, if not more, amount of fun. Playing in the swimming pool can also be lots of fun, if you take a handball and play with it in the pool. Or just take an inflatable bed and lie there reading a book or sipping some cool refreshing drink.

The other option is to go to a nearby "Water Amusement Park" with your family and spend the whole day there splashing about in the water and trying all the fun rides and slides. The only disadvantage of this activity is that you can't go everyday! So, I still say that the "backyard pool" is the best bet.

I hope you are off to buy the pool and all geared up for some real fun and games in your backyard. I call that "Rummy!" (Pardon the expression, I am reading a lot of PG Wodehouse)!

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