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Friday, June 19, 2009

I know You Love Your Dog, I Don't - Venting

I am just back from my routine walk around the block this evening and here are a few things that frustrate me every single day.

Now, when I am going for a walk, I would like a clean pathway where I can walk safely and take in some clean fresh air, after all that's the whole purpose of a "walk", isn't it? But, everyday I find this same pathway full of obstructions of some sort or the other. These days the pavement is being dug up to put in some drainpipes in preparations for the monsoons. So, one has to keep jumping from one hole to the next to proceed. That's hardly the kind of walk I like to take. Now, if this were happening just once a year, I wouldn't mind either. But, this keeps happening throughout the year on some pretext or the other. It's only when a "dignitary" is visiting the place that the roads and pavement are repaired to look smooth and clean. The rest of the time they are busy digging it and making "patchwork" kind of repairs that hardly look appealing and nor are they smoothed out. This is highly frustrating.

Then the second thing that adds to my disgust is the Dog walkers. Every evening I find lots of people walking their dogs on this same pathway (that was meant for us) and then they allow their dogs to poop just about anywhere that they happen to stop. Even if it is right in the middle of the pathway. So, I have to look down and walk, unless I want my shoes to be smeared with poop! Now, I would like to tell these dog walkers that I would rather look at the trees and the scenery around me than look at the path full of dog poop, when I go for a walk, thank you! Apparently, in India they don't have this concept of cleaning up after your dog and picking up their poop, just because you have paid an amount to the society as maintenance! But then so are we!

Also another thing that irritates me to the core about these same dog walkers is that just because they own a pet they seem to think that everybody else would love them too. So whenever you approach a person walking a dog, they seem to not care if the dog is coming towards you. They allow the dog to go around sniffing around your ankles and think it is very cute! Hey, I beg to differ...I know you love your dog, but I don't, so please keep your dog on the chain and to yourself and let me have my walk in peace. I have not come out looking to socialize with all the dogs of the neighborhood. The same happens in the elevator too. The dog owners seem to think that it is OK to let their dogs off the chain in the elevator. Again I would like to remind them that they may love their dogs but others may not. So, please keep your pets on a leash when you go out with them.

Another fact that frustrates me is that whenever I tell my son go go and play down around our building complex, some officer or the other is always around to stop them from playing, saying that it is not allowed. But every evening when I go for a walk I see all the buildings servants and their kids happily playing not only in the building complex but also in the garden lawn, happily plucking leaves, flowers and doing other such destructive activities that our own kids are stopped from doing! The best part is that I am paying a monthly subscription for its maintenance for my servant too. So, while my servant is allowed to use these facilities, my own son is stopped from playing there??? I don't see any officer coming to stop these servants!

Okay, Now that I have vented all my frustrations for the evening...I am feeling much better. Better go and have that bath. The shower is waiting.

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