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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rain Clouds and Rains Cool Mumbai - Monsoon Arrives in Mumbai

The temperatures really soared this summer in India all over. Mumbai was no different, with maximum temperature of around 34-35 degree Celsius and humidity thereabouts of 90%, left everyone sweating it out. To make matters worse, the last winter had not been cold at all and so it just felt like a very long extended summer for the residents of Mumbai.

For the last few days there have been clouds collecting in the sky with sporadic showers in the wee hours of the morning only making matters worse through the day, as the humidity rose and made it hotter. The weather got very stifling as there was no breeze at all.

Then yesterday, finally the much awaited rain clouds gathered over the horizon and soon it became overcast with huge black clouds that looked promising. The evening was very pleasant with cool strong winds bringing the much awaited rain shower at night along with the welcome sounds of thunder and lightening to accompany it.

Mumbai welcomed this rain showers with relief as it cooled down the heated earth and people too. The smell of the earth after the first showers is simply awesome and brings on nostalgic memories of all the earlier times spent in the rain.

Schools in Mumbai have reopened and the children love to get wet in the rain. Time to take out all the colorful umbrellas and the raincoats. Monsoon is here at last, it has been raining on and off today whole day and the skies are still overcast. The weather is absolutely wonderful, romantic and cool.

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