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Monday, April 23, 2007

I loved being a child!

I loved being a child!
I wish I could go back to that state of happiness and bliss!
Where all the worries and troubles were left to the parents to solve!
OH, what I wouldn’t give to have those feelings back again!
To feel safe and sound,
To not have to worry about money, food or where we are going to live!
But, alas now that I am old enough, and married, there seems to be so many things to worry, worry, and worry about…………!
Happiness is something that I’ve forgotten what it looks like!
At times I find it difficult even to smile for ages! There seems to be a frown on my face forever!
Will all this change? Will I find true happiness? Is there anything like that for adults too? …………..Hope I find the answers to life’s mysterious ways soon!

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