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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shahrukh Khan. The king of hearts.

He started out with a TV serial “Fauji” long back, I remember, I was in school back then. The serial was an instant hit with the people and the whole credit was to none other than this new face who charmed the hearts of all the girls. We would wait for each episode of the serial only to watch him. He had this cute look and a dashing smile and that Oh, so innocent boyish looks, that just was irresistible. Well, I must say that since then his carrier has soared high and he hasn’t looked back, now he is the King of Bollywood.
Not that he has great acting skills, no. In fact he cannot act for nuts! Still, what is it that makes people want to see his movies? I guess it is more to do with his personal charm, enigma, charisma, magnetic personality, call it what you like! But, he definitely is an attractive person and which girl would not like such a hero? Plus the fact that he chooses such roles that are mostly romantic, sweeping a girl off her feet!
The reason I admire him is more to do with the fact that he is one of the rare actors in Bollywood who has made it all on his own. He is a self-made man. He works hard for whatever he has gained I give him full credit for that. And we are very proud to know that he was chosen to be added as one of the wax figures in Madam Taussad’s museum! Way to go, Shahrukh! You do us proud! He has proved that he is the king of hearts beyond doubt, and I don’t think there is anyone else out there who can give him a running for that title. Try as hard as they might…………..
Keep it up Shahrukh, hope you get all your dreams fulfilled.

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