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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Saif Ali Khan: “Robert De niro” of Bollywood?

Saif ali Khan is a big surprise package for the Indian cinema.He started out with a lot of mediocre movies, which did not do too well at the box office and in which he was unfortunately typecast as a “chocolate” hero. He struggled a lot initially , but the real breakthrough for him was his role in “Dil chahta hai”.He really surprised everybody with his performance and proved that he had some acting talents. And I have followed his career from there on. He has done the right thing by taking on a variety of roles from there and proved himself again and again at the box office with “Ek hasina Thi” where he played the negative role, followed by, “Hum Tum”, “Kal ho na ho”,"Parineeta", “Salaam-namaste”, “Being Cyrus”, “Omkara” and “Eklavya”.His performance in each film has shown great acting potential in him, and he reminds me of Robert De niro of Hollywood who is a great actor and is known for his variety in roles that he plays. The role played by Saif in “Omkara” proves beyond doubt that he does have true potential as an actor and can go far! Can he be the “Robert De niro” of Bollywood? ……………………..

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