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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tips on How To Make Money on Xomba - A Fresh Perspective for All New Writers

A lot of articles have already been written on the topic of "How to Make Money" on Xomba, with many tips and tricks also discussed by many of the established and successful writers on board this site. One can easily go through all the articles available and get enough insights as to what clicks and what doesn't. However, I am now attempting to write an article with a fresh perspective to the problem of making money with the help of Google adsense on Xomba, as there have been lots of changes lately with the new Xomba webdesign and also the posting policies and rules.

However, the main principles of posting and making money guidelines that have been given by the Xomba admin in the "Make Money" guide section still holds true and so that is the best place to start with for any newbie. Those are the basic steps that need to be followed for any writing site. They have appropriately divided the section into three parts - Beginner, Advanced and Expert Guide. It would also help you to be aquainted with all the Terms and Conditions and the posting policies of Xomba so that you know "what NOT to post". My first advice to any newbie would be to read these guides very carefully and try and follow them step by step.

There are generally two kinds of writers here on Xomba. Those who come just for the satisfaction of writing and reading and making money is just a secondary thing, and those who come primarily to make some money from their writing. There are "Good" writers and there are those who can write well and then there are those who can manage to make coherent sentences. Well, you can be any of these kind of writers to be able to make money on this site. Of course, knowing the language and being fluent does help in pulling traffic to your content, and so, if you can polish your style of writing then I would advice you to do so.

Xomba has just recently launched its new webdesign on the 10th of August '2009, and in doing so has suddenly increased its user base by attracting many more new writers to the site. This fact has increased the amount of competition for the new writers to get themselves noticed and to earn money on this site. I will try to put things into perspective for these new writers so that they can start earning money with Google Adsense. I must warn you though that I will not put the spoon in your mouth, you will need to put in some effort on your own and do some research in order to arrive at your own truth. That is what most of the successful writers have done so far.

  • Content is King:

The first step towards making money is obviously to post content, not only good in quality but in quantity as well. Good quality content gets you good keywords and high paying ads and traffic from the google search engines and quantity helps you to build your account and reputation on the site. It is helpful if you already have an idea as to what you want to post, that is if you are specialised in a particular field and want a niche for yourself then that is the best way to start. For those who aren't, do some research on the site and see what the successful writers are doing. The new webdesign of Xomba will help you to research on any topic and authors you want. I am not advocating that you start "copying" what they are doing. The more content you have in your account the better. It took me more than 1000 blurbs to start seeing some regular revenue in my Adsense account. And you need to remember that posting blurbs is the faster and easier way to start earning money than writing bytes. Bytes are slow earners.

Do some research on what topic earns more revenue than others. There are a few categories that are more popular than the others and will generate more revenue. Try to figure out these. Current topics, news, events, festivals, special days, health, etc are some topics that are quick earners. You will also need to find evergreen material that will get you traffic throughout the year.

Once you have posted some content, then make it a point to check out your "Daily reads" and "Total Reads" in "MY Posts" to see what is running and what isn't. Daily Reads will give you an idea of what is running more on any particular day, and the total reads will give you an idea of what is popular content throughout the year.

  • Be Creative

"The creative person basically has two kinds of jobs: One is the sexy, creative kind. Second is the kind that pays the bills. Sometimes the task in hand covers both bases, but not often. This tense duality will always play center stage. It will never be transcended." Hugh Macleod

You need to remember that what is popular may not make money and what makes money may not be popular. That means that more reads and traffic on a particular topic may not necessarily mean that that will make money. But, getting traffic to your content is important and so initially it does help to write on popular topics to attract readers to your content and this helps to get your name noticed on the internet. You can track your individual bytes and blurbs on Google Adsense.

Getting traffic: Once you have written something then it becomes very important to make it visible so that it can attract readers. The good news here is that Xomba, by its own virtue enjoys a high Google Page ranking and so most of your content gets indexed on the search engine the moment it is posted and also gets ranked high. Add to this the fact that Xomba has now increased its clickthrough rate (CTR) by incorporating this new way of displaying ads on your content pages, so you have a higher chance of earning money. Also remember that 80% of the traffic that you get comes from the search engines.

Getting traffic also plays an important role in making money with Google adsense. The more traffic you get to a particular post, the more chances there are of Google displaying ads that are higher paying and you will also get a bonus amount for every 1000 page impressions. This way your reputation on Google goes up and you get better paying ads on your content pages, depending on what you are posting and how much traffic you have generated for each page.

Now you will ask - How do I generate traffic? Well there are many articles that have been written on this topic along with Search Engine Optimisation, I suggest you read them all to understand more about this subject. The earlier you start doing this with all your content the better.

So, I suggest that you be creative, do your own thing, use your own methods and do plenty of research on the internet. Be a leader and follow only the general principles of success and you are bound to succeed. The potentials on Xomba are tremendous and mind blowing.

  • Build a Reputation

Building a reputation and a name for yourself on the site helps to not only attract readers to your content, but also adds "credibility" to all your posts. You will also be able to make instant fans who will make it a point to come and read your content and if you are really very good then you may also be lucky to get someone pick up your "Feed" to incorporate it into their website or blog etc.

Since Xomba is NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme, it takes time and effort and a lot of patience to do this. But in the long run, you will benefit. Check out all the successful writers and see how they do this.

  • Creating Backlinks

Another very important step that most people do not recognize or give thought to is creating backlinks to your posts or profile page. A backlink is one that is made on a "good website" to link back to Xomba. Google loves backlinks and so the more you create the better. So spread your "Profile Page" link to any and all sites that you have access to and are allowed to leave a link behind. A good way to do this is by "commenting" on other websites, blogs etc and leaving your link in your signature. The same holds true for Xomba too. You can increase your visibility by commenting on other people's post and creating backlinks to your profile page or any other page for that matter. Just be careful that you do not Spam. You can add it on social networking sites, forums, chatrooms etc too. Creating backlinks helps you in two ways:- to get a higher page rank on Google and helps you to market your content to others an increase your visibility on Xomba and the internet.

  • Marketing your Content

Marketing yourself and your content is a very important tool for making money and being successful. It is a choice. There are different levels of marketing and different ways of going about it. You can start by submitting your posts to the various "Bookmarking sites" like Technoratti, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Yahoo buzz, Google etc...The choices are many. But, you also need to remember that submitting one link to many sites can also be taken as a spam and so you need to be careful while submitting your posts. The best policy is to submit your content or link to at least three or four places maximum. You can spread out the others in other forums, websites, social networking sites, or Twitter.

Twitter is the best place to start marketing your content. Get a free account on Twitter and just submit all your posts. It's better to post just bytes so that people are attracted to your posts and you may find some good traffic and fans to follow you and your writing. Twitter also has a high Google page ranking and so it helps in increasing your visiblity on the internet.

Facebook helps you to get the word out among your friends and their friends about your writing on Xomba. So make it a point to advertise your Profile Page there.

Last but not the least is your personal interaction with your readers. It helps in getting more fans to your posts and also making them curious enough to check out your details on your Profile Page. So it is always a good step to update your profile page with all your information and data that you want the public to know about you. Choosing a "Good Avatar" to reflect your personality or characteristics is a good tool to attract people to your Profile.

Why Profile page? That is the page that tells all about you, your friends, and one can also get to see all your recent posts in one place. Not only that, one can also choose to see your Most Popular, Most Voted and Most Discussed posts.

  • Be Unique

Yes, it helps to be unique so that people notice you for your uniqueness. I can name plenty of users here who are unique in their own way and have become successful by their own techniques. Check them out and see what's so different about them and what strategies they have used to succeed on Xomba, for each one has their own different way of going about things.

DeDom, Chris Crow, Idlewild, Champagnedreams, Mamamia, Taprial, Wdzzz, Tomthehot, Yahoo, Mia Northwest among many others...

  • Show and tell has never been so rewarding

That is the motto of Xomba and couldn't be far from the truth. If you do get success then share it with others by showing them how. There can be nothing more rewarding than that. You can also reap the rewards by signing up people under you so that you can make a percentage of money through the "Referral Fees". Xomba normally shares 50% of Adsense revenue with you. If you get a person under you, you get 10% of adsense revenue from him and Xomba gets only 40% and the user gets the normal 50%, so all are happy.

Xomba is the best article submitting site as of today and is the only site where you can make the most money out of your content using Google adsense. So, hurry and sign up if you are not a member yet. The Registration is free. The website boasts of being the only community of writers online that will feel like a family. The users are all friendly, love to debate, argue and give their opinions on each and every topic and so will provide a lot of intellectual stimulation that you need...!

If any one has any more doubts and queries they can be addressed to the Xomba Admin, or Xomba Moderator who are there to help you. You can write a personal message to them directly or you could use the "Contact Us" form and get your doubts cleared by the ever helpful and very efficient Xomba staff. And if your problems are still not sorted out then you could also write in to Nick Xomba CEO, himself who is always ready to help. Of course, the users are very friendly and you could also try and get answers from any of them too. Use the private messaging feature for this.

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