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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Enemy In The Ranks by Varinder Taprial - I am getting Published!!!

For those of you who did not know my first name is Varinder, Varinder Taprial. Enemy in the Ranks. That's what my novel is called and yes I am getting published. It feels so great, that when my publisher told me that it has gone to print today, I was, like ecstatic. It is still some days before it is available in the book stores and online, but this is as much I could wait before telling the world that I am getting published.

I started writing the novel about four years back, finished it in two years, sent it around, faced rejections, learnt some, improved some and submitted again. It took almost two years for me to find a publisher and find a publisher I did.

The title of the novel is self-explanatory so I guess that is it as far as explaining the story goes. Yes, it is about infiltration.

Before I go any further I would like to thank Nick, Jeremy, Xomba and all it's wonderful users who instilled back the confidence which I seemed to have lost after all those rejections and made me believe in myself and my abilities by the constant encouragement and healthy critique.

I have made a book trailer for my book and am embedding it below. May I request you all to copy the embed code and put it in your websites and blogs to give it the exposure it deserves. Thanks a lot and I will write another byte to let you all know when and where the book is available in brick and mortar stores as well as online. Enjoy!!!!

Original article published on Xomba and reproduced here with permission from the author Taprial.

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