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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breasts Are The Best

Now, there are all kinds of men. Men have different tastes, legs, thighs, neck etc. But me I am a breasts man. I just can’t get over breasts or have enough of breasts. There is something about them that keeps me hankering for more. And it’s not any one type, which I am especially bowled over by. I love all kinds, small breasts, big breasts, the meaty fleshy kind and the hard muscular type. They all have the same effect on me.

Show me a breast and I start salivating like crazy. My eyes pop out and then I am no longer in control and I just don’t care what people think about me thereafter. Anyone and everyone who has been with me says that they are embarrassed by my behavior. They just don’t understand that just seeing a breast is enough to put that delicious taste in my mouth and the entire nervous system then conspires to send the messages to my body parts to devour the object of my desires.

All my friends, women included, have told me that there is more and constantly advise me to shift my attention to other parts, there is the legs, the neck, thighs etc. I have tried but to no avail. Somehow the other parts of the anatomy just don’t do it for me.

Just last week, I decided, enough is enough, no more breasts for me. Anything else would do just fine. Two days later I am in the market. I stand in front of the glass counter. Legs, neck, thighs,… legs, neck, thighs.., I keep reminding myself. Then I spot them. The most meaty, shapely and luscious breasts. And there goes all my determination. I fell for them and blurted, “I will have breasts.”

The man, he knew me, next to the counter repeated what everyone has been telling me, “So much is not good for you. Why not try legs, something else.... You never order anything other than Chicken Breasts.”

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